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Nakshatra Vanam

To nourish our bond with nature, trees and Mother Earth, CIF is creating a garden of Nakshatra trees and plants and you can be a part of it. In our tradition, whenever a baby is born, the family plants a tree of the same Nakshatra, and as the baby grows, it has to look after the tree, giving it a close earth connection.

You can now sponsor a Nakshatra tree at Adi Sankara Nilayam’s Nakshatra Vanam and join us to create a sacred space that will have the complete set of 27 trees. This small corner of Mother Earth will embrace you with its silence and beauty, bringing great joy to you, your family and to the Earth. Your donation will cover the cost of the tree and care of the Vanam. We invite you to plant the tree yourself, or we can do so on your behalf with an acknowledgement.

Scheme 1 1 tree for 3 years 2,000/$40
Scheme 2 3 trees for 3 years 5,000/$100
Scheme 3 5 trees for 3 years 10,000/$200
Scheme 4 27 trees for 3 years 50,000/$2,000
Scheme 5 100 trees for 1 years 1,00,000/$2,000

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