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This is a project dedicated to the protection and preservation of rare and ancient manuscripts, and publishing unpublished manuscripts. Continuous care is of the essence of preservation of manuscripts. Preservation treatments, digitisation of manuscripts in CD latest formats and publishing unpublished manuscripts are enabled with your contribution. Some of these unpublished manuscripts and books are being restored, some being translated, some being prepared for publishing. At CIF, we have a library with a collection of approximately 20,000 books of literature in Sanskrit and palm leaf manuscripts.

We also initiated a project to digitize these materials for future generations and also to make them more appealing and accessible in this digital age. Your contribution will help us to continue with our digitising projects and also to collect and preserve more traditional manuscripts.

We endeavor to create a congenial atmosphere that is encouraging, comfortable and conducive to research. Towards this end, we seek to create and maintain libraries, study centres, research labs and cubicles where visiting and resident scholars can research in quietude and reasonable comfort, both physical and infrastructural.

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