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Unlike the regular one-time donations, you can make ongoing donations to CIF under the Recurring Donation Scheme by monthly or periodical instalments. This would foster a continuous association and a strong bond between you and Chinmaya International Foundation. CIF will facilitate you receive a periodical update on the multifarious projects and activities at CIF.

The donor may contribute towards the recurring donations by requesting the bank in the form of Standing Instructions to transfer a certain amount on a specific date.

All donations to CIF will be eligible for 80G tax relief under the Income-tax Act in India, and the necessary certificate for facilitating the same will be issued by CIF. Individuals, partnerships, Hindu United Families (HUF) and companies are all eligible for tax relief under section 80G.

In case of any queries, you may contact Manager, CIF at +91 92077 11145 or drop a mail on manager@chinfo.org

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