Atmabodha Webinar

Atmabodha Webinar


In the panchaprana - the circulatory/digestive/respiratory/excretory are all well understood. My confusion is with Udaana. I understood it to be throwing up but when I read the Gurudev's explanation of Verse 13 of Atmabodha - I got confused. He says "It is the which existing wrong notions are removed by the newly acquired convictions and experiences" --- that's a wonderful interpretation of something that we see as inherently uncomfortable. Can someone give more context into Udaana.


Hari Om
Parnam Swamiji,
My question is whether the individuality of a Jivanmukta or Avatara that can remain at the subtle level in comparison to other human beings. There are vast differences in individuality/activities due to subtle bodies in the waking world. While investigating, the mind & intellect both are nothing but the flow of thoughts. So, can any individuality remain within Maya or it’s all about polishing the mirror, and unattached to the fruit of actions, and vanishing of the individual subtle body?
Hari Om

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