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Hari Om.

Can someone suggest if there is any discussion forum specific to this chapter 8 .I tried this platform but dont see any discussions.As its such a unique chapter it would help me to see all view points.Pls advise where i can access this.


Taking the risk of sounding very silly, I humbly request for some pointers on my practice.

  1. There is an inertia to sit down quietly for next few minutes.
  2. Once this inertia is overcome one way or another, I find myself initially and involuntarily getting too much focussed around my eyes (flickering) / distracted by the flickering.
  3. After 2-3 minutes or so (sometime even longer), I start to sense calmness, eyes stop flickering, and there is a sense of just being.
  4. After meditating for more minutes, I find inertia to come out of my meditation. Mind doesn't want to come out of it. At this stage, I don't feel any restlessness in principle.
  5. Object of meditation: I find it unnatural with me to focus on an object (sound, breath) during the later part of a meditation sitting. But if I allow myself to leave out the objects and focus on just being there, it becomes effortless without having to focus on object. This extends the time being spend on meditation without feeling the need to come out of it. In the initiating minutes, sounds and breath definitely help me.

What I don't know if all of these are natural, expected or needs correction. I humbly request to help me with this.

recent by Arvind  ·  May 13 '23 at 4:51 am

I am a student of Master Gita, Master Life. In this course, I was answering a question in 6th Chapter. In Q 11, it is asked which of the following is true of a karma yogi. One of the options is "A karma yogi gives up sankalpas and hence is a true sannyasi". This has been included as a correct answer. Whereas, my understanding was when the seeker becomes Yogarudha, then he gives up the sankalpas. As explained by Swamiji, it is the sankalpa which pushes the seeker to actions. Since the karma-yogi is still in the realm of action, he does not give up sankalpas.
Pl. clarify.

recent by Arvind  ·  Apr 10 '23 at 12:44 pm
Uma Kothandaraman posted Apr 6 '23 at 2:54 am

Hari Om Guruji Pranaam
In the 1st chapter 10th sloka aparyaaptam and paryaaptam is explained in the recording as paryaaptam as limited and aparyaaptam as unlimited but I understand as paryaaptam as sufficient and apariyaaptam as insufficient so with this the meaning of the word in sloka nd sloka itself is changed as what I understand. Please clarify.

Hari Om

recent by admin  ·  Apr 10 '23 at 12:33 pm
Rama Hariharan posted Mar 11 '23 at 7:36 am

Hari Om,

In Self Assessment question 18 of Chapter 7, "Having the Lord as its substratum, maya veils the Lord" has been marked as wrong. But in Swamiji's discouse, he as clearly said "having Me as a substratum, the Maya veils Me" (page no 63, line 2).

Kindly look into it and clarify.

Thanks and regards,

Rama Hariharan

Jignasa Patel posted Dec 4 '22 at 3:47 pm

Hari Om!

Is Mahabharata real or myth?

There is controversy about this. Personally, the teaching from it and B. Gita is real for me.

Someone who is not familiar with Indian tradition, how would you answer that? Where had it happened? etc.


recent by Arvind  ·  Dec 6 '22 at 10:05 am
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