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Yuvamurugan P posted Nov 24 '23 at 3:36 am

If Brahman (Consciousness) that ever exist without being created by a creator. Why can't it be the universe can also exist without a creator ?

For example : In the dream state, there is a dream world and a dream body. Of course everything is happening in waking mind, which we will come to know after waking up.

Now contrast it with the waking state, there is a waking world and a waking body, Let awakening lead us to the higher state of consciousness.

When dream state can exists without Ishwara, Why can't in the waking state ? Where does Ishwara fit into picture ?

anand haridas posted Dec 5 '22 at 8:02 am

Hari Om,

Could you suggest the suggested version of "Manusmriti" (in English) that I could buy? Could you share the author's name etc?
I would really appreciate a response


Anil Kapur posted Oct 17 '22 at 3:52 pm

Is this Forum the right place to post a Question on understanding some lines from the Holy SriMadh Bhagwatam which I am studying further to the initiation done by Our Pujya Swamiji Abhedanandaji at Sidbari Camp?Can any of our Respected Acharayaji clarify a verse or two as it is a Sanskrit Shloka. If Yes then I will post it after some response. Hari Om

recent by Arvind  ·  Nov 10 '22 at 4:03 am
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