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Drg-drshya-viveka expounds the methodology of distinguishing the 'Seer' (Drg) and the 'seen' (drshya) thereby establishing the Truth that 'I am the Seer and not the seen'.

Beginner Course Medium: English

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More about the Course

    Drg-drshya-viveka expounds the methodology of distinguishing the 'Seer' (Drg) and the 'seen' (drshya) thereby establishing the Truth that 'I am the Seer and not the seen'.

Through Drg-drshya-viveka, the author helps us to ascertain our identity with the supreme Brahman and guides us in meditation so that we can realise our true nature of unconditional Bliss and end all sorrows for all time.

The text starts with the inquiry into the individual, then into the world and points out that the substratum of both is one and the same.

The first section deals with the inquiry into the individual that leads to the ‘drg’, the seer. The author points out Consciousness to be the ultimate seer. In the process of inquiry, the nature of the ego is analysed in detail and also its relationship with various layers of the individual’s personality.

The second section deals with inquiry into the world. The nature of the world is expounded to be nothing but name and form, with Consciousness as the substratum. The theory of maya and how its powers create the world is briefly expounded.

In the third section, 6 types of meditations are explained to realise the Consciousness. It is pointed out that Consciousness is the substratum of the individual as well as the world indicating thereby the identity of the jiva and Brahman.

The final section deals with the result of this Self-knowledge.

What You will Learn

  • An inquiry into our real nature (Self) and how the ego causes the misapprehensions about our real nature
  • The true nature of the individual:
  • The real nature of the world
  • The identity between the individual and the total
  • The practice of meditation and abidance
  • The fruit of Knowledge

Why should I do this Course?

  • Drg-drshya-viveka, also termed as ‘Vakya-sudha,’ elaborates the mahavakya “tat tvam asi” that shows the identity between the jiva and Brahman. The text bases on our own experiences and takes us logically, in steps, to the Truth.
  • All of us seek completeness, be it the eternality of our Existence, the fullness of Knowledge or sustained happiness. This is Liberation. It is our true nature itself and this is expounded by the text through a systemic inquiry.
  • The text, being a prakarana-grantha, gives enormous concept clarity and helps seekers gain entry into advanced texts like the Upanishads.


  • Basic knowledge of Vedanta would be helpful, though not mandatory
  • Good internet connection

Course Details and Duration

  • The course comprises 4 lessons covering 12 audio/video sessions and 4 objective type questionnaires.
  • The recommended duration for completion of the Drg-drshya-viveka course is 2 months. The suggested maximum duration is 4 months.

Course Access, Query Resolution Process, Grading and Certification

  • Students can access the course following the User Guideline document that is also sent to registered students to their email address.
  • Students have to attempt the lessons sequentially. For each lesson the student should watch the audio or video file and then attempt the questionnaire.
  • All questionnaires are objective based and on completion of each Lesson/ questionnaire the marks and grade for that lesson will be displayed to the student on the dashboard.
  • Students can download the answer key on completion of a questionnaire.
  • In case of queries or doubts on the subject matter students are encouraged to use the discussion forum. Details of the same will be sent to students on registration. A detailed query resolution process guideline will also be provided.
  • The Course is deemed complete on completion of all lessons /questionnaires, and a final grade will be awarded.
  • Grading system for certification.
    • 80% and above 'O' Grade
    • 60% and above 'A+' Grade
    • 50% and above 'A' Grade
    • Below 50% 'B' Grade
  • Those who successfully complete the course will be given a ‘Course Completion Certificate’ of merit signed by Pujya Swami Swaroopananda, Head of Chinmaya Mission worldwide. The digital copy of the same will be sent to your registered email ID.

How do I purchase the Text?

You can purchase a copy of Drg-drishya-viveka from the given link:
Drg-drshya-viveka English

Contact: Sri M. Jayaraman Nair

In-charge, Chinmaya Vani, Chinmaya International Foundation (CIF)
Ph: +91 92077 11138 / WhatsApp: 9207398313/ Email id:

Course Content

The course on Drg-drshya-viveka comprises 4 lessons. A brief description of what is covered in each lesson is given below:

  • Lesson 1: Seer–Seen Relationship
  • Lesson 2: Nature of the Ego
  • Lesson 3: Maya and its Effects
  • Lesson 4: Antah- and Bahih-samadhis and their Results

Click here for a detailed Course Content

Course Contributors

Smita Samani

Arvind Kannan

Br Ved Chaitanya

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