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Easy Sanskrit - Level 2 Course Postal

The Easy Sanskrit Course - Level 2 is for the advanced student who has completed the CIF Easy Sanskrit Course - Level 1 or equivalent. The grammar element introduced in Level 1 is further explained using Sanskrit text extracts from the Puranas. This course using the method of explanation through suitable examples will help the student to rapidly gain in-depth understanding of the grammar elements in Sanskrit. Learn the lakaras, seven cases, prtyayas and upasarga through the inspiring stories of Ramayana, Bhagavata-purana and Bhagavad Gita. The course material will be a useful guide for future studies as a ready reckoner. Swami Ramakrishnananda who has designed this course, is a keen teacher of Sanskrit and has taught the language to several batches of students, so that he brings to this programme a keen perception of a new student's learning needs.

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Curriculum for this Course
More about the Course

Course Objectives and Rewards

This course also serves like its earlier course, for all those who wish to peep into the priceless tradition, culture and philosophy of India. On completing this course, reading the Puranas, Upanishads and the various Gita and their commentaries will become easy. This also enables one to enter into the Advanced Sanskrit course with confidence.

Course Eligibility

Ideal for those who have completed the ‘Easy Sanskrit Course - Level 1’ through CIF, and those students who have the basic concepts of Sanskrit can also go through the course.

Course Details

  • The duration of the Easy Sanskrit Course - Level 2 Postal is 12 months.
  • The course comprises 23 Modules and a total of 23 Questionnaires.
  • After your enrollment, you will be receiving 6 lessons and 6 questionnaires by courier / post.
  • You have to send your answers for one questionnaire within 15 days from the date of receipt of lessons.
  • After your answers are checked by the Course Tutor, the same will be returned to you for your observation along with the next set of 6 lessons. A score will also be assigned to your answers.
  • Those who successfully complete the course will be given a ‘Course Completion Certificate’ of merit signed by Pujya Swami Swaroopananda ji, the Head of Chinmaya Mission Worldwide. You could collect the ‘Course Completion Certificate’ either during our convocation programme on Adi Sankara Jayanti day (around April - May every year) or opt for postal delivery.

Access to Lessons

In Postal mode the lessons will be sent by post, the answers need to be sent back by post. Grades can be viewed online.

For Queries

The Administrator - Home Study Courses

Chinmaya International Foundation, Adi Sankara Nilayam

Veliyanad, Ernakulam District, Pin - 682313, Kerala, India.

Phone: +91-92077-11140 | +91-484-2749676, E-mail: easysanskrit@chinfo.org

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