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Sambhashana Samskritam (Introduction to Basic Sanskrit)

To train the participants to communicate in Sanskrit

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To train the participants to communicate in Sanskrit
To enable them to form simple sentences

About the course:

  • Basic Sanskrit structure with an introduction to present, past and future tenses
  • he course will be interactive with lots of fun exercises!
  • Contents:

  • Commonly used words & Verbs. (व्यावहारिकशब्दावली (वस्तूनां नामानि) नित्योपयोगी-क्रियापदपरिचयः
  • Introduction to all Seven cases. (सप्तविभक्तीनाम् एकवचनेषु वाक्यनिर्मितिः
  • Numbers (1 - 100) and Time. (संख्या & समयः)
  • Adverbs and indeclinable words. (क्रियाविशेषणम् & अव्ययानि)
  • Introduction to the Suffixes (क्त्वा, तुमुन्, क्तवतु)
  • Sanskrit Songs. (संस्कृतगीतानि)
  • Making simple sentences based on pictures. (चित्राधारेण वाक्यनिर्मितिः)
  • Sanskrit Story Telling. (संस्कृतकथाकथनम्)
  • Outcome:

    At the end of the course, participants will possess everyday conversational Sanskrit vocabulary and be able to communicate in Sanskrit.


    No prior knowledge of Sanskrit is required. (Knowledge of any Indian language would be useful.)

    Starting from:

    November 6, 2021


    25 hours (3 months)


    Every Saturday & Sunday, Timing: 6:30 to 7:30 pm IST



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    $ 55
    • Camp Starts on (06-11-2021)
    • Last Date for Registration (28-02-2022)