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SIMPLI5 2020 (27th April - 2nd May, 2020)

Enjoy the Magic of Magic Squares. This camp based on Ancient Indian Mathematics will help you learn Mathematics through expert sessions by Vinay Nair, the author of CIF’s Vedic Mathematics Course. The camp includes discussions, debates, games and much more.

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More about this Event

The summer maths camp by Chinmaya International Foundation and School of Vedic Maths ‘Simpli5 2020 - Enjoy the Magic of Magic Squares’ is for anybody who is 13 years and above.The main focus of this year’s camp will be Magic Squares, Cryptography and exploration in Numbers. During the camp, students will be discovering various ways of creating Magic Squares and will also be introduced to ingenious ways of creating Magic Squares that has been discussed by various Mathematicians in the past.

Camp Highlights:

  • Pandiagonal, World famous and Prime number Magic Squares
  • Exploration and History of Magic Squares



Event Details

  • From
  • 27 April to 02 May

Mode of camp : Online

Camp Donation : INR 4500|US$ 100

Contact Details : Call us on: +91 92077 11136 |+91 484 2747307
Email us: welcometocif@chinfo.org|vedicmaths@chinfo.org

Topic : Ancient Indian Mathematics

Language : English

Age Bracket : 13 years and above

Course Facilitator

Sessions will be conducted by Shri. Vinay Nair, Co-founder of Raising a Mathematician Foundation (a not-for-profit organisation for the promotion of Mathematics) and Vichar Vatika. Along with CIF’s Vedic Mathematics course, he has also authored two books, namely, ‘The Teacher who Taught us to Think’ and ‘Journey to the Himalayas’.

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$ 100
  • Camp Starts on (27-04-2020)
  • Last Date for Registration (27-04-2020)