Research Facilities


CIF has an independent library, well furnished and well equipped with communication aids, with more than 15,000 books specific to Sanskrit studies and Indology. Besides the original classics of Vedanta, Purva Mimamsa, Sankhya, Yoga, Nyaya, Vaiseshika, Buddhism, Jainism, Sahitya, Dharmasastra and other branches of learning like Art, Architecture, Medicine, Astronomy etc., secondary source books and comparative study materials are also available. Where practicable, CIF will search and enable the procurement of ancient manuscripts and texts.


Doctoral Studies

Students seeking to pursue doctoral studies in Sanskrit and allied Indological studies through CIF will be suitably assisted by University approved research guides. CIF is recognized as an approved Centre of Research by the Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, a bona fide University under UGC, New Delhi. CIF is also recognised as an approved Centre of Research by IGNOU. For Ph.D in Sanskrit offered by IGNOU, please visit the link to get more details:



As well as making these resources available, this web site is being continuously upgraded to provide links to other data bases and institutes that compliment its mission. Online research through these links is an added advantage.


Facilities for Stay and Food

CIF has at the moment a capacity of 75 beds. Many of them are twin sharing rooms with attached western style baths. Some are 3 bedded rooms, also with attached western style baths and one dormitory with 10 to 12 beds with two baths attached. Hot water facility is available. Sattvic vegetarian meals are provided. Also Tea/Coffee early in the morning and evening. Food is mostly traditional Kerala style.