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Mentorship Program

Chinmaya International Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of a series of Mentor Programs on our Core Courses.

These programs are being rolled out to help students in their journey from start to finish for the respective courses with additional assistance of our experienced Mentors.

Kindly go through the content below to know more about the program. Registration links for the program you want to sign in are listed below in the page.

What is the Mentorship Program?

  1. It is a structured, organised and interactive program.
  2. It encourages the student to participate in the classes.
  3. It provides an opportunity for the students to readily clarify their doubts.
  4. It motivates students to progress in the course and complete it successfully.

We promise to:

  1. Provide you with all the required study materials, lessons, videos online.
  2. Start the course on a stipulated date and end it on a stipulated date.
  3. Set up a peer group of students to progress in the course together.
  4. Assign a mentor, a qualified facilitator to guide the students.
  5. Schedule a webinar on a regular basis where the mentor will review the lessons, encourage students to ask questions and provide clarification on doubts.
  6. Set up a WhatsApp group for easy communication and administration.

You promise to:

  1. Be regular in attendance for the webinar sessions.
  2. Study the lessons, watch videos and come prepared for the webinar sessions.
  3. Attempt the questionnaire for the lessons and not just expect the answers.
  4. Use the Discussion Forum for further discussion and clarification.
  5. Adhere to the time schedule and complete the close by the end date.

How does it work/ how do I Enroll myself?

All you need to do is enroll yourself in the course of your choice between 3rd Aug and 31st Aug and you will get automatically enrolled in the Mentor program. In case a particular program has 2 schedules or groups you are requested to mail us which schedule you would like to be part of.

Details of registration links and program schedules are given below.
For further details and to Register click on:

  1. Foundation Vedanta Course English
  2. Foundation Vedanta Course Hindi
  3. Advanced Vedanta Course
  4. Bhagavad Gita
  5. Upanishad
  6. Easy Sanskrit Course, Level 1
  7. Master Gita Master Life (English)

Schedule starting Sept 2023

Course Name Day Time (in IST) Remarks
Foundation Vedanta Course (English) Saturdays 04:00:00 PM Weekly
Foundation Vedanta Course (English) Sundays 04:00:00 PM Weekly
Advanced Vedanta Course Sundays 07:30:00 AM Weekly
Advanced Vedanta Course Mondays 07:00:00 PM Weekly
Bhagavad Gita Course Mondays 07:00:00 PM Weekly
Bhagavad Gita Course Thursdays 07:00:00 PM Weekly
Upanishad Course Thursdays 07:00:00 PM Weekly
Foundation Vedanta Course (Hindi) Saturdays 05:00:00 PM Weekly
MGML (English) Saturdays 10:00:00 AM Weekly
MGML (English) Tuesdays 07:00:00 AM Weekly
Easy Sanskrit Level 1 Sundays 07:00:00 PM Once in 2 weeks

Contact Information For More Details

Home Study Courses
Mobile : +91 92077 11140 / +91 92077 11511
email: homestudycourses@chinfo.org

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