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Speaker      Dr. V. N. Jha and Dr. Shivani
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Among the most difficult in Sanskrit Language, is sentence syntax. This is a core part of grammar and concerns itself with the structuring of a sentence and the placement or order of sentence parts, such as word order, clause coordination, subject agreement and so on.

Learning Sanskrit Language Structure is a 5-Level Course and this course aims to familiarize the student with the basic structure of the Sanskrit language with special reference to syntactic structure, so that the student is able to grasp with ease Sanskrit verse (and therefrom develop the prose order) and grasp the methods to develop reading, writing, comprehending and speaking skills. The goal of this course is to equip the student with the ability to read and comprehend original Sanskrit Texts. Each of the five levels has addressed a specific area of sentence syntax, across numerous lectures.

Level 1 – Introduction to the Basic Structure of Sanskrit Language: Sandhi – Arrangement of Sanskrit Sounds from Micro-level to Macro-level; Orthography Duration: 36 hrs| Lectures: 37 | Speakers: Dr. V. N. Jha and Dr. Shivani

Level 2 – Structure of Sanskrit Sentence: Karaka – Focusing Syntactic Structure; Active and Passive Voice Duration: 58 hrs| Lectures: 44 | Speakers: Dr. V. N. Jha, Dr. Dilip Kumar Rana and Dr. Shivani

Level 3 – Structure of a Sanskrit Word: Nominal Inflexion – Inflexion of Noun, Pronoun, Numeral, Indeclinables and more Duration: 25 hrs| Lectures: 26 | Speakers: Dr. V. N. Jha and Dr. Shivani

Level 4 – Structure of a Sanskrit Word: Verbal Inflexion – Formation of Verbal Forms, Tenses, Moods, Aspects and more Duration: 34 hrs| Lectures: 36 | Speakers: Dr. V. N. Jha and Prof. Ujjwala Jha

Level 5 – Structure of Derivatives: Primary Derivatives, Secondary Derivatives and Compounds – Derivation of Complex Structures Duration: 47 hrs| Lectures: 43 | Speakers: Dr. V. N. Jha and Prof. Ujjwala Jha

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