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Kaivalya Upanishad
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Author / Speaker     Swami Advayananda
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Kaivalya Upanishad, classified as one of the minor Upanishads, is one of the most striking and valuable Upanishads. It contains the teaching by none other than the Creator Lord Brahma Himself. It is a shastra-grantha presented as a dialogue between the teacher, Creator Brahma (Guru) and the student, Rig-veda teacher Ashvalayana.

On the request of Ashvalayana as to how to gain the Brahma-vidya, the Guru explains various topics such as the qualities required, the process of saguna- and nirguna-upasanas, the state of Realisation and the experience of the Person of Realisation. Through the methodology of adhyaropa-apavada, it also establishes the Oneness between the individual jiva and supreme Brahman.

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