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Six Pramanas – Means of Knowledge (Video Pen Drive)
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Language :     English
Speaker :     Prof. Revathy Sukumar
Publisher :     CIF
About The Product

Manamala is a text on epistemology authored by Achyuta Krishnananda Tirtha, which has a commentary by Swami Ramananda.

The six means of knowledge (pramana) are pratyaksha, anumana, upamana, arthapatti, anupalabdhi and shabda. This text analyses these six pramanas from the context of the Advaita epistemology.

Prof. Revathy Sukumar (1959-2014) served as a Professor of Sanskrit in Madras University. Her explanation on the Manamala is exemplary and throws light on these six pramanas and the Advaitin’s exposition of the same.

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