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Advaitanyamatakhandanam, Advaitavijayah, Advaitamrtam
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Author      Sri Bellamkonda Ramarayakavi General Editor – Dr. Dilip Kumar Rana
About The Product

Advaitanyamatakhandanam, through a straight-forward analysis of the various purvapaksha of Advaita-vedanta in a polemic yet simple style characterises the writings of Sri Ramaraya Kavi, elucidates how Advaita-vedanta alone stands a litmus test of shruti, yukti and anubhuti.

Advaitavijayah is an interesting pedagogy in the form of brief questions and answers, and is bound to give immense clarity to the student.

Advaitamrtam, as the very appellation indicates, is the versified essence of Advaita-vedanta with an auto commentary of the author.

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