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Brahmasutra-adhyasa-bhashya - Preamble to the Brahmasutra
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Language :     English
Speaker :     Swami Advayananda
Publisher :     CIF
About The Product

Shri Adi Shankaracarya’s Adhyasa-bhashya is a preamble to the Brahmasutra and it establishes superimposition or ignorance (adhyasa) as the root cause of all life’s problems. Superimposition is so intrinsically embedded in our very humanness that we fail to recognise it as a problem, which is also why our search for solutions remains within the superficial.

Shri Adi Shankara, in his utterly simple but astoundingly profound style, explains the nature of adhyasa, its cause and its effects. For all those who seek to study the Adhyasa-bhashya, here is an introduction adeptly presented and explained by Swami Advayananda.

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