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Author     Śrī Bellaṅkoṇḍa Rāmarāyakavi
Editors     Dr.Dilip Kumar Rana
About The Product

In order to lay deeper and stronger foundation to Advaitavedānta Śrī Rāmarāyakavi has

written Lokāyatādiyogāntamatakhaṇḍanam to establish the ultimate reality of Advaita. Even

in this work he seizes every opportunity to refute all the major and minor systems of

philosophy. It commences with the refutation of Lokāyata system and ends with

Pātañjalayogadarśana and it is named Lokāyatādiyogāntamatakhaṇḍanam. He raises the

possible objections to his thesis and later refutes each system. He undertakes to refute all the

other systems of philosophy and establish the supremacy of Advaita. This work also reflects

his scholarship in various śāstras.

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