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Shrimadbhagavadgita-vyutpatti-jnanakosha (Bhagavad-gita Grammatical Lexicon)
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Authors     Smt. Varsha Kajaria, Dr. Jaya Krishna Sharma and Dt.Shiv Kumari
About The Product

Shrimad-bhagavadgita flows eternally as a timeless stream of spiritual wisdom. Over

millennia, across the nation, it continues to be recited, studied, and shared – be it in

households or Gurukulas, educational institutions or informal satsangas. The

Bhagavad-gita has been translated into almost all major languages worldwide, and

continues to nourish spiritual seekers all over the world. It is universal in its appeal

and is a comprehensive manual for life. A multitude of books continue to delve into

the Bhagavad-gita from diverse perspectives such as philosophy, culture, education,

pedagogy and management.

The uniqueness of this book lies in its content. Every word of the Bhagavad-gita has

been analysed through the lens of Paninian Sanskrit grammar and referenced with

relevant sutras. The words are arranged in accordance to the Sanskrit alphabetical

order. Notably, a reference work on the Bhagavad-gita deriving all the words therein

on the vyakarana of Panini has not been published hitherto. We are confident that

this Bhagavad-gita Grammatical Lexicon will be a valuable reference resource to all

students of Sanskrit grammar and researchers of the Bhagavad-gita alike.


Keywords: Bhagavadgita, Sanskrit Grammar, Bhagavadgita Grammatical Analysis,

Bhagavadgita Grammatical Lexicon, Panini sutras, Bhagavadgita Dictionary,

Sanskrit Dictionary, Bhagavadgita word-meaning

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