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The library holds an extensive unique collection of over 17,000 knowledge resources, reflecting the multi-dimensional and interdisciplinary nature of Sanskrit and Sanskrit literature, Veda and Vedangas, Indian Philosophies, Vyakarana, Kosa, Ayurveda, Sangita, Dharmashastra, Mathematics, Rituals, Encyclopedias, bibliographies, biographies and autobiographies, monographs, atlases, Jaina, Bauddha, Ramayana, Mahabharata, along with Hindi, Malayalam and English literatures. The volumes in the library have been donated by many devotees, scholars and also purchased to enhance the collection. Acquisition of several personal collections has further enriched the library. These relate to illustrious scholars who have made path-breaking contributions in the field of Sanskrit and related studies, namely, Prof. K V Ramakrishnacharyulu and Prof. R. Balasubramanian.

The reference library has an array of primary and secondary materials in the broad areas of humanities and arts with 3500 Indian manuscripts in Sanskrit and Malayalam languages. Paper and Palm-leaf materials covering almost all the subjects of Indic studies are available in Devanagari, Malayalam and Grantha scripts.

Doctoral Students


CIF has been recognized by Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, as one of the four premier Sanskrit Research Institutions of India and has been accorded the status of Shodha Sansthan or Centre for Sanskrit Research.

CIF is affiliated as an approved Centre of Research by the Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, a bona fide University under UGC, New Delhi. CIF is also recognised as an approved Centre of Research by IGNOU. Students seeking to pursue doctoral studies in Sanskrit and allied Indological studies through CIF will be suitably assisted by University approved research guides.
CIF is also recognised as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation by the Dept. of Industrial and Scientific Research, Government of India.



The CIF website gives the user easy access to all of CIF’s publications, home study courses, events, free downloads, latest news, updates and lots more. The website also houses the ‘Discussion Forum’, which is a study-class in its own, right from discussions with facilitators to group discussions among students of CIF’s various Home Study Courses.

Along with making these resources available, this web site is being continuously upgraded to provide links to other databases and institutes that complement its mission. Online research through these links is an added advantage.

Facilities at CIF

  • Sarasvati Sabha - Heritage Hall with a comfortable seating capacity for 100 participants.
  • Chidvilas - Conference hall with a comfortable seating capacity for 200 participants.
  • Shivasree - AC/ Non-AC accommodation facility available for 200 persons.
  • Well-equipped library having books on Sanskrit and Indology.
  • Business Centre to meet your internet, fax, printing and scanning needs.
  • Transportation to and from the airport/ railway station/ Kochi city can be arranged on request.
  • Visit our ancient temple Chinmaya Swayubhu Ayyappa Temple. If you want to venture outside of the campus, you can also travel to Guruvayur and join site-seeing tours to places like Fort Kochi and Alleppey backwaters, which fall in a range of 60kms, can be arranged.

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