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What is Indian Knowledge Tradition Workshop Series/Summer School?

Indian Knowledge Tradition Workshop Series/Summer School is an intensive, residential (Gurukula style) Workshop/Course offered at Chinmaya International Foundation during the months of June/July/August which is a vacation time for most universities around the world.

Why Indian Knowledge Tradition Workshop Series/Summer School?

Human intellect is ever curious, ever exploring, ever encountering afresh the experiences of life both within and without.

As one grows in maturity, the questions get subtler. Indian Philosophy and Culture have explored human existence in a very fundamental and penetrating manner, but the avenues for exploration of this wisdom seems to get further away.

The CIF Indian Knowlegde Tradition Workshop Series/Summer School programme brings the opportunity to be an active explorer in the field of Indian Culture and Philosophy and to access this "knowledge tradition" accumulated over millennia.

Innovative and Refreshing Approach

The theme and topics of the Indian Knowledge Tradition Workshop Series/Summer School Workshops are innovative yet not addressed in college and university courses. The focused, intensive workshops allow for participation by under-graduate/graduate students as well as the working professional. And the duration of 8 to 21 days allows for an in-depth study in the field enabling close interaction with the world-renowned faculty.

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