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Recommended Course Road Map

The Recommended Course Road map shows the recommended path a student can take in the sequence of courses undertaken.

There are two categories of Courses – the ‘Core’ Courses indicated in the colored boxes, and the Svadhyaya Courses indicated in the non-colored boxes.

Core Courses are typically longer and concept based courses.

Svadhyaya Courses are text based courses.

There are 4 Levels of Courses indicated in the diagram.

There are two primary paths that can be taken:

  • Through the Core Courses from one Level to the other
  • OR
  • Through the Svadhyaya Courses from one level to the other
  • It is not necessary to do all the Svadhyaya Courses within a level to proceed to the next Level, any one is sufficient.

One can also switch between the Core Courses path and the Svadhyaya Courses path.

Texts which can be pursued independently are shown without an outer box.

Course Map

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