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I am looking for an online source for the word by word meaning of verses from Bhagavadgita. Text book has words both in Sanskrit and English with meaning.
for example:
धर्मक्षेत्रे dharmakṣetre = on the holy plane (field); कुरुक्षेत्रे kurukṣetre = at Kurukṣetra;
Is there any online source that provides similar format?

recent by Arvind  ·  Dec 20 '22 at 8:36 am
anand haridas posted Dec 9 '22 at 10:38 am

Hari Om,

Could you suggest a version of "Manusmriti" (in English) that I could buy? Could you share the author's name etc?
I would really appreciate a response


Jignasa Patel posted Dec 4 '22 at 3:47 pm

Hari Om!

Is Mahabharata real or myth?

There is controversy about this. Personally, the teaching from it and B. Gita is real for me.

Someone who is not familiar with Indian tradition, how would you answer that? Where had it happened? etc.


recent by Arvind  ·  Dec 6 '22 at 10:05 am
anand haridas posted Dec 5 '22 at 8:02 am

Hari Om,

Could you suggest the suggested version of "Manusmriti" (in English) that I could buy? Could you share the author's name etc?
I would really appreciate a response


anand haridas posted Nov 17 '22 at 10:25 am

Namaskaram/Hari Om,

Is there an alternate way to pronounce the alphabet "la"?

For example, my native language is Malayalam. In Malayalam, written as മലയാളം we have ല and ള (The same sound in Tamil in the word "Vellai" with additional stress on la though). However, in Sanskrit, I have seen that there is only ल

I chant Kanakadhara stotram daily and there are words like

"Pulaka" - I pronounce it as ള instead of ല
"Mukula" - I pronounce it as ള instead of ല
"Mangala" - I pronounce it as ള instead of ല
"Kalambudali" - I pronounce it as ള instead of ല
"Lalitha" - First La pronounced as ल (ല) and li as ളി

My question is - Should it always be pronounced as ल (ല). Is there ള sound in Sanskrit

I hope, my question is straightforward. Sorry to have had to add the Malayalam alphabet. That was the only way I could express the sound here.

Thanks again

anand haridas posted Nov 11 '22 at 9:38 am


I started this course last week. I just wanted to thank the foundation and the Swamiji who is in the video for simplifying the course and for making it interesting at the same time. I look forward to the future sessions


recent by Arvind  ·  Nov 14 '22 at 3:21 am


I am new to the course , but not new to Advita Vedanta. Both Shankara + Ramana Maharshi (with whose material I am familiar) specify that ATMAN is identical to Brahma.

Question 1:

  • Can I use ATMAN as my idol, such as for example by printing the word ATMAN in sanskrit?

Question 2

  • Can a saint be considered an idol such as Ramana Maharshi?

Question 3

  • Can devotion to idol include burning incense before the image? This helps generate in me a sence of the sacred and devotion.

These are my questions.

Thank you for your answers


Anil Kapur posted Oct 17 '22 at 3:52 pm

Is this Forum the right place to post a Question on understanding some lines from the Holy SriMadh Bhagwatam which I am studying further to the initiation done by Our Pujya Swamiji Abhedanandaji at Sidbari Camp?Can any of our Respected Acharayaji clarify a verse or two as it is a Sanskrit Shloka. If Yes then I will post it after some response. Hari Om

recent by Arvind  ·  Nov 10 '22 at 4:03 am
Ben Simpson posted Oct 25 '22 at 10:08 pm

is there another place where you can send questions about vedanta?

my question doesnt seem to be getting a response.

is my question inappropriate?

i appologise for my jivas ignorance if so.

hari aum



It seems to my jiva that from the perspective of "pots" things can be right and wrong , good and bad (this is the everyday world of the jiva, the samsari)


Just below the surface (in fact zero distance away from the pot is the the clay!) is the realm of the clay (ishvara) and in that place that perspective of pot is gone.

In that place every "thing" (any thought, feeling or perception) ignorance included is exactly where its meant to be until its not mean to be there (say when a jiva discovers the vedas).

This would make a Jiva's ignorance completely blameless (though it would not protect it from the results of bad actions)

does that sound right?



There is a nagging question in the mind of sadhakas. The question is "What should we do when there is so much terrorism happening in the world. Should we remain focused on our Inner transformation, being calm and peaceful (passive) or is there any other thing which we need to do? Probably, when such acts affect us or our families, then we should remain calm is what Vedanta teaches us. What is the art of right contact with the world in such cases?

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